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GAC "The Gospel Studies"

'The Good News Of Jesus Christ'

The whole Bible revolves around one story line…
a story that’s still going on today. That story is
the “Gospel” or “Good News” of the Kingdom of God.
Even though it was the central focus of everything
John the Baptist, Jesus, and the Apostles preached,
most Christians today have a hard time
nailing down exactly what the Gospel is,
and why it is SUCH GOOD NEWS.
In these short studies, we’ll dig into this story,
and discover (or for some, perhaps, rediscover)
the incredible, but true, story of God,
His creation, and His plans for Mankind!

#1 The Good News Of The Kingdom Of God


#2 The Back Story Of The Gospel


#3 The Day Everything Changed


#4 The Dawn Of New Creation


GAC "New Beginning Studies"

'How To Experience A New Beginning In Christ'

If you’ve heard the Gospel and believe it,
then you'll probably have the same question as those
who heard it proclaimed in Acts 2:37, when they asked,
"So,  now   what   do   we   do ?"

In these next three studies, we’ll see how
Jesus and His Apostles answered that question,
and learn how you can have a New Beginning
as a part of the Kingdom of God.

#1 Entering The Kingdom Of Heaven


#2 Walking By The Spirit


#3 Growing Up Together


GAC "Firm Foundation Studies"

'How To Build Your Life On The Rock' - ( Weekly Follow-Up Studies For New Christians )

Deciding to become a Christian
is the most important decision
a  person  will  ever  make.
But  a  decision  by  itself
doesn't make much of a difference;
it must be followed-up with action!
These  studies  are  intended
to  help  new  Christians,
(and maybe some who aren't so new),
learn how to apply Jesus' teaching
to  their  everyday  lives

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