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"Kingdom Living"

From the weekly Sunday morning Bible class by: Allan Hamblin

Why doesn’t God take a Christian to Heaven when they are saved?
What impact should a Christian have on the world around him or her?
Will Christians have more influence if they “fit-in” better?
These questions and more are discussed in this series!

"The Good Life... According To Jesus "

A weekly Sunday morning Bible class by: Allan Hamblin
Based on 'The Sermon On The Mount'.

Jesus’ most famous sermon is called
“The Sermon On The Mount”.
It’s found in Matthew 5:3 - 7:27
with parallel teachings in Luke 6:20 - 49.
In this sermon, Jesus tells us
how He expects us to live
as members of His Kingdom...
which is The Good Life!

"The Kingdom Of God"

A 'LIVE' audio class by: Allan Hamblin
Based on the book: 'The Kingdom Of God'
By: Tom A. Jones and Steve D. Brown

Jesus' main message was "The Kingdom of God".
This should get our attention. We use the phrase,
but do we use it like Jesus did? Is it at the center
of what we preach and teach? More importantly,
is it at the center of the way we live?


A 'LIVE' audio class by: Allan Hamblin
Based on the book: 'The Peace Maker'
By: Ken Sande

     Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers."
But it often seems like conflict and disagreement
are unavoidable. Serious, divisive conflict is
everywhere within families, in the church, and
out in the world. And it can seem impossible
to overcome its negative force in our lives.
     In The Peacemaker, Ken Sande presents a
comprehensive and practical theology for conflict
resolution designed to bring about, not only a
cease-fire, but also unity and harmony.
     Sande takes readers beyond resolving conflicts
to true, life-changing reconciliation with family
members, coworkers, and fellow believers.
Biblically based, The Peacemaker is full of godly
wisdom and useful suggestions that are easily
applied to any relationship needing reconciliation.
     Sande's years of experience as an attorney,
and as president of Peacemaker Ministries,
will strengthen readers' confidence as they
stand in the gap as peacemakers.

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