Greater Alton Church
  A Special Place For...

Worship -
   The primary reason we meet together is to focus on God —
Giving Him our praise for the life-changing blessings that He provides!

Learning -
    Greater Alton Church, at our founding core, is a 'Church Of Christ'.
We believe the Bible is God’s love letter to mankind — that He loved us so much that He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for our sins through His death and resurrection. For this ultimate act of love, we now live out our lives in steadfast gratitude, gratefulness, and service to God! His Word was written so that we may know God, and how He meets our needs as we deal with life’s everyday struggles. Difficulties are part of life, and we believe God’s word offers real solutions. With this conviction, we strive to create an atmosphere of perpetual learning. Every assembly, activity, and relationship is dedicated to this goal!

Friendship -
    At Greater Alton Church you'll make real friends, and build the healing
relationships that God desires for you; helping to shape your character,
and improve your life. We believe friendships should go beyond mere
'hellos' and 'handshakes', to heart-felt love — Love that serves as a bond;
holding us together in good times… as well as bad!

Service -
    While God’s word provides the answers to all of life’s difficulties,
solutions often require more than words alone. Greater Alton Church
is committed to service. Members are secure in the knowledge that help is available to meet a variety of needs. Our commitment also extends
to those who are not part of our fellowship. That's why we look forward
to serving YOU!

    We’re glad you chose to visit our website today! If you like what you
see and hear, please consider visiting us at our Sunday morning worship
service. We hope you’ll enjoy the service, and find something helpful and
real. You are more than welcome to also join us in remembering Jesus
as we take communion every week. Afterward, feel free to stop by the
Welcome Center in the small dome on your way out, where you’ll find
friendly people offering helpful answers to any questions you may have.
     And if you’d like to hear the sermon again - or any past sermon -
you may listen online, right here at this website after 5pm every Sunday.

Thanks for visiting our website today! And may God bless you!!!

Tom Tarantino

Amateur Webmaster